The Imaginary Advice podcast is a sketchpad for new ideas and new ways of telling stories. 

Some stories are true, some are fiction, some are closer to audio essays. Most episodes end up being a blend of all three.

All episodes written, produced and presented by Ross Sutherland ("Stromschnellen" - Basler Zeitung).

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Here's a selection of my favourite episodes to date.



A story of jealousy and revenge, told over six fancy dress parties. This is probably my favourite IA episode of all time! The episode ended up being re-broadcast on Third Coast's Re:sound programme (WBEZ) and was adapted into a five part cartoon miniseries for Channel 4. 

3. s.e.i.n.f.e.l.d

I try to teach a neural net how to do stand-up comedy, end up spiralling into an existential crisis.

4. repeat after me

An essay episode, looking at how the meaning of things changes though the process of repetition. If you like the essay episodes, I also recommend Hug Freddy, Science for Wankers and If Hitler.