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“Experiments in audio fiction, full of strange excursions and sublime turns of phrases” -Vulture, The Ten Best Fiction Podcasts That Shaped the Genre

"Few people are as skilled at turning moments of regret into transcendent, artistic works [...]                  One of podcasting’s brightest lights" - AV Club, Podmass

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"A podcast that pushes the boundaries of the medium, and displays a level of creativity that is rarely seen on just one podcast. The writing is bold, the delivery is daring, and it takes the listener on a journey unlike any they will have encountered before." - 2018 British Podcast Awards, Winner: Fiction

“Startlingly original” - The Telegraph, Best Podcasts for True Stories, Books and Fiction

"As close as you can get to an audible psychedelic trip” - Stylist Magazine, Top 50 Podcasts

"A chemically altered epiphany-exchange in the smoking area of a club” - The Skinny

“Love monologues recorded at drum and bass raves; making cut-up poetry out of the Today Programme,  cross-breeding the Tate Modern’s audioguide with Jay-Z’s The Black Album...” -Grazia , ‘Top of the Pods’ 

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